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Research and development in the Second Stage

Achievements in the First Stage (2002-2006)

By fixing our sights on "Research and Development for Super-Visual Imaging Technology to Support Next-Generation Industries and Medical Treatment," we focused on sophisticated technologic capabilities of regional companies and the cutting edge technology at universities to promote research and development work in 3 areas with the "smart imaging and display technology" concept for sustaining a pleasant society of the future. Results from these efforts include the startup of 20 project operations and 254 patent applications (72 of them overseas), etc. Regional companies are currently making rapid progress in commercializing and creating products.

Multi-Function Integrated Imaging Device

A new type next-generation multi-function imaging device is successfully developed that acquires critical image information such as a wide dynamic range, high-speed image capture, and distance imaging, etc.

1- Wide Dynamic Range CMOS Image Sensor and Camera
Adopted for Regional New Consortium Projects (Manufacturing Innovation Division) in 2006 by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry]
2- TOF (Time Of Flight) Range Image Sensor and Camera
3- High-speed Image Sensor and Camera
4- Surround Vision System
5- Vehicle Sleepiness Detector

Optical Imaging System for Medical Use

Highly functional microscope systems and operation navigation systems have been developed for observation of cells and for surgical operations that will help support future advanced medical treatments and diagnostic techniques. In addition, imaging systems are developed that can faithfully reproduce colors. Those systems have functions that are indispensable in medical diagnoses.

6- Operation Navigation System

Adopted for Regional New Consortium Projects (the division correlated with other ministries) in 2007 by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry]
7- High-fidelity Color and Ultra-high Resolution 1-CCD Still Camera
[Adopted for Regional New Consortium Projects(the division correlated with other ministries)in 2007 by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry]

8- Wide Range High-fidelity Color Acquisition Camera
9- High-fidelity Color Reproduction Projector for Colors within Color Range
10- Fiber Bonding Type Confocal Microscope
11- Endoscope with Measurement Scale

Solid-state Imaging Device for X-rays and Gamma-rays

We developed camera devices and so forth which correspond to high energy radiation for non-destructive inspection and X-ray CT.
12- Radiation Line Sensor
Radiation Line Sensor