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Regional Efforts to Create the Hamamatsu Optronics Cluster

A wide range of efforts has been undertaken in order to establish an optronics cluster. Aiming at commercialization of the achievements in the 1st and 2nd stages of the Knowledge Cluster Initiative, in addition to joint research in industrial fields, many other unique projects are ongoing mainly in cooperation with local enterprises and researchers.

Optronics Technology Commercialization Workshop

Results from first stage research and second stage research and development themes are used to create new projects by individual and jointly participating companies. To assist in this effort to expand projects in the optronics field, the "Imaging Technology Commercialization Workshop" is expanded and the "Optronics Technology Commercialization Workshop" formed on a larger scale (goal of 200 companies) to further expand the optronics project field.

There are already some projects that have made possible applications based on research results. Such projects are expected to result in the early realization of products. In this workshop, we intend to organize small-scale working groups according to the characteristics and advantages of participating companies, and allow each group to establish research and development consortiums as well as product development projects. In this way, we will provide technical support for commercialization and product development. Continued support will also be provided for the establishment of new enterprises and the creation of new products utilizing research results obtained in the first stage.

In addition, we intend to implement educational programs and to invite the participation of advanced researchers in optronics technology fields from around the world. Our seminars and technological discussions will include professional skill workshops and demonstrations. In our education programs, hands-on practice will be provided in the fields of image processing technology, programming skills and optical design technology, etc.

Joint Research Company

The following special interest groups involving first and second stage research were established to spread results and accelerate commercialization of projects via technical descriptions, seminars, and specification evaluations, etc. The coordinator provides full cooperation in terms of planning with the joint research companies and commercialization project promotion.

Second Stage 1 Image Measurement Group
• Time Correlation Image Sensor • Visualization of Invisible Information •Superconducting SQUID Magnetic Sensor
2 NanoBio / Nanoelectronics Group
• Nano imaging •Optical Manipulator
3 Optical Information Processing Group
• Vision Sensor for RecognizingMotion Picture •Spatial Light Modulator • Ubiquitous Sensor Network
4 Image Sensing Group
• Ferroelectric Thin Film Sensor • Ion-light Multimodal Image Sensor
Firast Stage 1 First Special Interest Group
• Wide Dynamic Range Image Sensor • High-Speed Sensor
• Range Image Sensor •Pupil Detection TechnologyHigh-Fidelity Color Reproduction Imaging System
2 Second Special Interest Group
• Scanning Microscope System with Confocal Method
• High-Performance Endoscope
• X-ray and Gamma-ray Solid-State Imaging Device