Hamamatsu Optronics Cluster

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Overview of Hamamatsu Area Knowledge Cluster Initiative

"Realization of safe, secure, comfortable, and sustainable
innovation society by advanced optronics technology"

TTo further extend from the above basic concepts, this project will push the base technology fostered in the first stage to a more advanced level, help achieve technical innovations in this new field while spreading overseas and domestically, and develop to a powerful R&D resource respected all over the world.

  • Development of high functional imaging devices and intellectual information process
  • Construction of support environment for human activities
  • Development of observation and fabrication support system for ultra fine object.

Broadly grouped into the above 3 themes, this project
will make maximum use of domestic and international
research and development institutions based on a
nucleus formed by Shizuoka University, Toyohashi
University of Technology, and Hamamatsu University
School of Medicine.

Hamamatsu area, Shizuoka prefecture